Happy New Year!!!!

Helle everyone,

I hope you all had some wonderful celebrations. I wish you all the best in this new year.

We kept it small on the 31st of december; just at home with the kids and the countdown and fireworks at 8.30pm, so the kids could go to bed. It was cosy and chilled out.

But we did start the New Year in style; we went to London for the weekend. Just me and my husband. I can't imagine the last time we went on a trip just the two of us.

At first we were a bit uneasy, a feeling like we had forgotten something, but it was nice to just walk around without a stroller for once, carrying a diaper bag, drinks and cookies. We could actually have a nice and quiet meal and didn't need to be back in the hotel by 8.00pm to put the kids to bed.

We enjoyed really long walks and the weather was amazing. By the second evening I was regretting to only bringing my Ugg's to London. My feet were killing me, but that always gives us a good excuse to buy new shoes :-)

It was amazing just the two of us, short but fun. I really needed this as a fresh start for the new Year that will come. Hopefully a year with lots of fun times, good health and moving in to our new house.

Happy New Year!

x Mieke

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My brand new sneackers!!!!