Maxi Skirts for Maxi Summer Fun!

Hi there,

Summer is all about comfortable clothing! One of my favorite items is the Maxi skirt! Instant glamour, if you ask me! I'm a tall girl, so it's not so easy for me to find a skirt that's long enough, but at JBC I have found my match! I love it. It's a see-through printed fabric with a mini-skirt underneath. They also have it in Black. I can't wait to wear it!

Personally I think a flat sandal is the best shoe-option for this item. I like to wear it in a casual way.

These are few combo's I made:

So what do you think?




Accessorize Your Summer

Hello there,

I love summer so much. The fewer clothes you wear, the more you can accessorize!

I'm so in love with big necklaces, they can make a simple tank top look so fashionable. The bigger the better!

Here are some gorgeous ones!

What kind of necklaces do you like?