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Summer Sandal GIVE AWAY


Summer starts this weekend, the perfect time for this contest :-)

My favourite summer items are definitely sandals. I'm a bit tall so it is the perfect summer shoe for me. I love strappy leather sandals the most!

When my aunt went to Greece for the holidays, she gave me beautiful leather sandals. They were such good quality and real leather. I have always loved the simplicity of them, but after 3 or 4 summers they were worn out. I was upset, because I had loved them so much but when I was looking at the sandal, I saw a web adress printed on the sole. And there you go; that's how I’ve found my Greek sandal supplier online. They are not too expensive and great quality. Check them out:

To celebrate summer, I'm giving away a voucher (worth €25) for your perfect sandals.

You only have to complete 2 challenges.

  1. Go to my instagram, follow me and repost this image with hashtags #nancymulhouse #greeksandalshop @ini_mini_mie

  2. Like the facebookpage of Greek sandal shop, you can find the link here
The winner will be chosen on Wednesday 24th of June 2015! Good luck and spread the word!

x Mieke


32 things about my life...

I turned 32 today, here's my list of 32 things...

one best Friend 

two beautiful children

three times Beelen

the four of us have been a dreamteam for over a decade

five of the best colleagues ever

six feet two inches, that's me

this year I'm married for seven years

and we are together for eight years

graduated in Exeter nine years ago

a beautiful ten year anniversary friendship

eleven editions of Rock Werchter

I had about twelve months this kind of hair back in the days

I got married on the thirteenth of September

my neighbour fourteen years ago

fifteen shades of blonde

started running again sixteen months ago

I’ve visited seventeen countries

eighteen years without this lovely lady

nineteen months at my job

spent about twenty months in this beautiful country

I packed my bags and lived abroad at the age of twenty-one

my birthday is on the twenty-second of April

twenty-three was the age when I finally stopped studying

twenty-four months ago we began to dream about this journey

I had to quit basketball at the age of twenty-five

I was twenty-six when I delivered this boy

I actually really like the movie twenty-seven dresses

this pretty boy is twenty-eight months old

the best holiday ever when I was twenty-nine

we drove about thirty hours on our road trip to England

the past thirty-one years have been good to me :-)

cheers to being thirty-two years today!


My favourite scents...

Hi there,

My holiday is over, finished, gone... Tomorrow it is back to reality. I had such a fun week of spending time with my two boys. We even managed to get the youngest out of his diaper. He's now fully potty trained :-)

My birthday is coming up next week, and one of my favourite gifts to receive is perfume. It adds an extra touch to the way you feel that particular day.

Here is my top 5:

Coco Mademoiselle by CHANEL

This is my favourite one for when I go to parties or events. I will always love this gorgeous, feminine, oriental-fresh, floral jasmine-rose scent. One of the best perfumes around, in my opinion, extremely sophisticated and a great compliment getter. I'm only scared about getting a new bottle because of the reformulation. I don't want a watered down version of this perfume. Why Chanel did you ruin such a masterpiece?


I like to use this one as my day-to-day perfume. This is the way I smell :-) The perfume is a floral sheer oriental fragrance that is heightened by Rose petals for a radiating floral aura. The creamy musk-like scent gives a silky-smooth finish. Some people say this perfume is simple, generic and so on, but for me the beauty of this scent hides in this simplicity. It's made for those days you don't know what to wear, you are already tired of all your sophisticated scents and all you want is to smell nice.

Very Irresistible by GIVENCHY

This is my favourite summer scent! It's a delicately fresh, floral fragrance that is created out of five variances of roses. I've used this fragrance for a couple of years. So so fresh and lovely, no dark notes and no musk. It dries really well and lasts all day. I can use it in the morning and never have to reapply. And who wouldn't love this bottle?

Brit Sheer by BURBERRY

Also a summer favourite! It is a fresh, fruity floral fragrance that is playful and vibrant. I've always thought that perfume scents are very unique to every woman. Personally I prefer scents that are mixed of fresh and sweetness. This one gives me a light floral scent with a hint of citrus (something close to grapefruit) and I love it. I don't use it on a daily basis but when I do put it on, I get so many compliments.

Envy me by GUCCI

This is my oldest perfume. Girly but mature, suitable for anyone though. This is a very sexy perfume that takes you away to a tropical paradise sipping on a cocktail!! It's so sweet and elegant. The composition is fruity-floral with fresh and musky accords. This is the perfect delicious fragrance for spring and summer.

So please let me know which one is your favourite scent?



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